Austin Holdings



  • Douglas Shipley Becomes AGS 2000 Scholar. Doug was named AGS 2000 Scholar, and was awarded a $500 stipend to study genealogy at their course in Birmingham, AL, this in response to Shipley’s research paper on the lives of his slave ancestors Frank Peebly and Fanny Austin, 1 page – appeared in Spring 2001 AFAOA Newsletter, 2 pages.
  • Hatteras Elders Gathered – Article with photo from the “Coastland Times,” July 6, 2008 re family re-union of Austins on Hatteras Bank, 1 page.
  • Stephen F. Austin Memorial Tree – Ceremony of an oak tree planted in honor of Stephen Austin, founder of Texas, at the Courthouse Square. Tree grown from an acorn taken from an ancient tree on the site where Austin died, 1 page.


  • Austin Machinery, Copy of e-mail from William Hartung describing old farm equipment. 1 page.
  • Corner in Ancestry – Austin Family – Submission by Alice Martin of a scanned newspaper article found in her grandmother’s scrapbook. Story of Richard Austin of Massachusetts including picture of the coat of arms and its details explained, 2 pages.
  • Daring Exploits of Captain Charles W. Austin – by Georgia Grafton Austin, AFAOA Newsletter article, with imbedded photos of Charles and Georgia. Article based on 8 page booklet (scanned images of the 8 pages also part of inventory). Capt. Charles W. Austin jointly with Capt. John A. Stevensen, the designer and constructor of the first ironclad ever built, commanded the Confederate ram Manassas, which battled the Monitor in the first ever ironclad ship battle, 3 pages.
  • David Austin: Texas Pioneer- A talk prepared for The Austin Families Association of America Annual Meeting 2013 by  Helen Cook Austin. Lieutenant David Austin, hero of The Creek Indian War, and who traveled from Franklin County, Tennessee to Alabama in 1835 then continued his journey to Bexar, Texas, 5 pages.
  • George Austin, Prisoner of War – Captain, Union Army Officer, 2nd Kentucky Infantry Volunteers, By David Untener, Research: Jim Carlin. Captured in battle, he was scheduled to be hanged by Confederate troops in reprisal for the scheduled hanging of a Virginia Rebel held by Union forces.
  • The Unfortunate George Austin – by Dave Untener, AFAOA Newsletter article based on “George Austin, Prisoner of War” (see above), 2 pages.
  • Lake Ports of the Western Reserve – Many of the sailors and officers, whose homes were burned by the British, moved to the Firelands of the Western Reserve – primarily what is now Ohio. They established and sailed from  ports on Lake Erie and others of the Great Lakes, 2 pages, imbedded map of the Western Reserve.
  • Mary Austin Letter - An excerpt of a 1857 letter from Mary Austin of Whitehall, N.Y. addressed to: Jackson Wood, Esq., Crystal Lake, MacHenry Co., Illinois,  Dec 28 / 57 (1857), 1 page.
  • Noted Tragedies – Killing of Peter Evans by Dr. Keene, and Killing of Dr. Keene by Dr. Austin, From History of Boone County – pages 1111 ff, In December, 1869, Dr. Thos. H. Keene, a practicing physician of Hallsville, shot and killed one Peter Evans, 2 pages.
  • Trial of Ezekial Austin for Murder - Superior Court Records - Buncombe County, NC, State versus Ezekiel M. "Zeke" Austin – Murder. Transcribed from the original records are in the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, NC by Marshall L. Styles, 23 August 1997, 26 pages (testimony recorded).
  • U. S. Naval Ships Named Austin, H. M. “Red” Austin, Three ships of the United States Navy have been named Austin. [The following article was taken from the AFAOA Newsletter, Fall/4th Quarter, 1994], 1 page.
  • Austen Pitches USF past Jacksonville – Newspaper article, 16 Feb 2003, Tampa. David Austin pitched winning game for the University of South Florida against a Jacksonville team, 1 page.
  • Retired Man Calls Lawn Metal Pile a Gold Mine – Newspaper Article 9 Feb 1975, Jacksonville. Portion of the gallows of the old Citrus County Jail installed by John N. Austin in his front yard and which he calls his gold mine, 2 pages.


  • Oct 1928) – imbedded photos and biographical data, 1 page.
  • Moses Austin - (1761 – 1821) of Connecticut & Missouri. Recognized as the founder of the American Lead Industry, was the first to settle a community west and inland of the Mississippi River, and was the first to get permission to bring Anglo-American settlers into Spanish Texas, 1 page.
  • William Wallace Austin VT – Descendancy Chart and a compilation of family group sheets for this family out to 3 generations. Pages are numbered 1-47, but only first 10 pages are included.
  • William of Ireland – One of 3 documents written by James Alwyn Austin on a William Austin (b. 1775) who could be the descendant of William Austin of Kent Co., MD, 30 pages.
  • William of Kent - One of 3 documents written by James Alwyn Austin on a William Austin, b. in England thern “transported” into Maryland 1664-1669 and who could be the William Austin of Kent Co., MD, 8 pages.
  • William of Philadelphia - One of 3 documents written by James Alwyn Austin on a William Austin (b. 1735) who landed in Philadelphia in the 1760’s and who could be the William Austin of Kent Co., MD, 30 pages.
  • Biography of Eugene A. Austin of Boulder – born 11 Aug 1849 in Rochester, NY; married first Jennie A. Gilbert 8 Jan 1871 and had Evan; married second Sarah Phelps and had Russell and Hazel. Served in the Civil War, 1 page.
  • John Smith Research Notes -Working my John Smith Line at the 2008 AFAOA Convention, by Bill Minnick, John Smith (b.1756, parents, place unknown; m. Lucy Rowe, 1778, Suffield, CT; d.1833, Halifax, VT).  This man was my 4th great grandfather on my mother’s side, 2 pages.
  • Biographies of Four New York Austins – Short single paragraph bios for Ai Austin born 15 Apr 1863 in Lansing, Tompkins Co., Curtis J. Austin born 1821 in the Town of Denmark, David Austin born 14 Mar 1841 in Richfield, Oswego Co., and Samuel Austin born 9 Sep 1836 in Poundridge, Westchester Co., 1 page.


  • Charles Austin’s DNA Explanation – Specifically the relationship between Bartholomew Austin and John, Austin, Sr. of Virginia.  I'll try to give you some helpful information, based on what I know about estimating time to MRCA (and thus estimating closeness of relationship), 4 pages.


  • Douglas Shipley’s Genealogy – The personal story and genealogy of Douglas Shipley, a descendant of enslaved peoples in Maryland. Further information is given by Shipley in answer to e-mail questions from Dan Whitley (Henry Austin of MD compiler), 37 pages.
  • Genealogy of William Austin (ca 1650-1706) of Kent Co., Maryland - Into the 5th generation  -  (revision 2/16/08), by James Alwyn Austin, William Austin brought into Talbot Co., Maryland 1664-1669 by his uncle Andrew Skinner, 2 pages including embedded image of will.
  • Descendants of John Bailey Austin of Springfield, Penobscot County (1815) – John Bailey Austin (1815-aft 1870) and Orilla Cleaves descendancy, 2 generations, 3 pages.
  • Descendants of Owen Austin of Ward Grove Twp, Jo Davis County – Owen Austin (1836-1897) married Mary E. __ aboutr 1867, 6 generations, 8 pages.
  • Descendants of Nathan W. Austin (1784-1850) – Descendancy of Nathan born abt 1874 in NY or VT, married Sarah King 1808 in Cambridge, MA, 7 generations, extensive documentation, 35 pages.


  • Austins in Vermont Vital Records – Austin surname extractions from Family History Library Films #0027462 & 0027463 “Vermont: General Index to Vital records, Early to 1870” [from about 1780 to 1870], 65 pages.
  • Journal of Thaddeus Moron Nichols & George Whitfield Nichols – Records of births, deaths, marriages, family re-unions, etc. of this family. Thaddeus Austin married Parmelia Austin 2 June 1835. She was the daughter of Thomas Austin of the Richard Austin of MA line, 9 pages.
  • Index to Austin Deaths – in Massachusetts (1841-1971) by Michael E. Austin and Patricia Biebuyck Austin. Sorted by date, list of Austins’ death names and places with Vol. and Page to (MA Vital records?), 26 pages.
  • Listing for Stephen Goodwin Austin (1791-1872) in Boyd’s Business Directory, Albany, NY – References to listings on p 250 in the directory, as well as other references for S. G. Austin, born 28 Oct 1791 in Suffield, Hartford, CT and died 19 Jun 1872 in Buffalo, Erie, NY (Richard Austin of MA line), 1 page.


  • Family History Library – Dated (1998) introduction to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, 3 pages.
  • Town Clerk Letter – Image of a classic letter written by J. G. Bebee, Town Clerk of West Rupert, VT, Mar 26, 1955 to Janet Austin Curtis apologizing for not having any Vital Records for 1850, but suggesting Janet really shouldn’t bother with tracing the dead, “Forget the dead as quickly as you can. You cannot do them a bit of good.” 1 page.


  • Austin Emigrants from Great Britain 1607-1776 – Austin and other spellings, excerpted by Helen C. Austin November 10, 2013. Listing of the names of persons who immigrated to America before the American Revolution, 5 pages.
  • NEHGS Ireland Diaspora Project - project is based on a simple idea; instead of waiting for Irish-Americans and their global counterparts to come to Ireland to trace their roots, we go the other way, 1 page, doc


  • Harold Earle Austin Obituary – (1917-2004) of Stockton. Submitted by Marilyn Nickless of Stockton who has no further information on this family, 1 page.
  • Janorah Robin Austin Obituary – (1962-2004) of Tracy, with accompanying article about her husband Michael Austin suspected of killing her, 1 page.
  • Helen E. Austin Obituary – Helen E. Keener was born 3 Dec 1906 and died 26 Nov 2003 in Boise. She married Howard Austin 3 June 1927, 1 page.
  • Gravestone of Robert Dixon Austin in Clinton – (1872-1915) 8 color photos of Robert Dixon and family gravestones with text explanation, 2 pages.
  • Obituary for Jillean Burrill Austin (1948-2002) – Wife of William L. Austin, died of ALS, Center Brunswick, NY, 1 page.
  • Obituary of Louis E. Austin of Albany, NY (1923-2003) – died at age 80, 29 Dec 2003. He was the husband of the late Julia Forezzi Austin, 1 page.