AFAOA Archive Series – Collections of Edith Austin Moore and Janet Austin Curtis notebooks and miscellaneous records, digitally indexed.

• Special Collections – Unique Austin documents, manuscripts, etc.

Austin Families Genealogical Society – Formal publications: "Austins of America" newsletters and "AFGS Register."

Dall-Tardy Letters – Letters by James and Henrietta Dall in Baltimore, Maryland to their niece and foster daughter, Clara Honey Austin Tardy (1818-1858), in Mobile, Alabama.

Harold Steiner Collection – History and research into the Austins of early North Carolina and the eastern shore of Maryland.

Austin Holdings – A combination of AFAOA & AFGS miscellaneous articles, stories and records of Austin families, histories and events.

• AFAOA Newsletters – Association Newsletters from Fall 1998 on, plus abstracts of articles from earlier Newsletters.

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• AFAOA Descendancies – A Modified Register Report of each Austin database on this website is available by link on the front page of each database (look for the following link: "Browse the Modified Register Report for [name] Austin"). These reports are not indexed but may be searched via your browser search function.