2020 AFAOA Conference
Williamsburg, Virginia
OK, it’s official. By vote of the membership, the location for our next AFAOA conference will be the beautiful and historic city of Williamsburg, Virginia. The weekend decided on was August 27th – 29th, and we were all ready to complete arrangements at the Woodlands Hotel, which is right next door to the Visitor’s Center of Colonial Williamsburg. UNFORTUNATELY, the rapidly worsening Coronavirus situation, and the large degree of uncertainty regarding the timeline for possible travel in the upcoming months has led to a decision by the Executive Board to hold off on going forward with Conference plans at this point. The entire country is being asked to restrict travel, and we don’t know how long those restrictions will last. The demographic that is most at risk is the 60 and over age group, and this is in large part the group that tends to attend our conferences. If things change in the near future, we can revisit this and see if something can be put together, but at this point it looks very much like the 2020 AFAOA Conference will be postponed until sometime in 2021. The Board is discussing ways to accomplish business remotely that would have been taken care of at the Annual Meeting, including election of officers and reports of committees. We will start looking at possible conference dates when things begin to settle down. Spring would be a wonderful time for our group to visit Williamsburg. But for now, please be safe and stay healthy.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Elizabeth Martin Neithamer
Conference Chairman