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Sterling Andrew Austin

Tribe: Cherokee by marriage
Sex: M

Born: 1853-1854 at Gwinett Co., GA
Died: 1911-1919 at OK


Wife: Rogers, Robbie Scott (1856 - Abt 1899)
Married: 21 Nov 1878 at GA.


Austin, Edna S. (15 Jul 1879-1880 - 24 Mar 1924)
Austin, Eular (Abt 1880 - )
Austin, Zula (Mar 1881 - 4 Nov 1922)
Austin, Charles R. (21 Mar 1883 - 18 Sep 1911)
Austin, Walter Harris (3 May 1885 - 13 Jan 1924)
Austin, Sevolia E. (19 Aug 1888 - 25 Jul 1931)
Austin, Zerilda Cleveland (22 Aug 1891 - 3 Jan 1941)


Ancestry of Sterling Andrew Austin is shown on as the Descendants of Nathaniel Austin of Greenville, SC. Sterling can be found on the Southern Austin Database as White. He is shown here as the spouse of Robbie Scott Rogers, a Cherokee and their descendants are recognized by the Cherokee Nation as half-blood Cherokee. Parents of Sterling were Walter William Austin and Emeline Garner of Gwinett Co, GA.

CASE #2 of the Southeast Native American Database of AFAOA 2011
CHEROKEE DESCENDANTS of Sterling Andrew Austin

Documentation of Cherokee Citizenship: CENSUS CARD - DAWES, Card#D652 252400/75-53A - Cherokee. All children of Sterling Austin were citizens of the tribe. Their mother was full blooded Cherokee (Robbie Rogers). As of Nov 12, 1902, Sterling A. Austin was refused.

Cherokee Roll 641 dated Jun 20, 1902, Application of Sterling A. Austin for enrollment as a citizen by intermarriage of the Cherokee Nation, age 49, res. Nowata P O, lives at Cooweescoowee, wife claims Indian, Robbie Rogers has been dead for 11 years. He lived in Milton Co, Georgia but came to Ind. Terr. in 1882. He was married by W. P. Smith, MG. Copy of marriage license is in the packet. Children are Robby, Edney, Eular, see Cherokee by blood, and Census Roll of Cherokee 1896, Tahlequa Dist, p 1275 #9. Sterling is white and was denied citizenship 28 Jun 1898.

MARRIAGE-BIRTH-CHILDREN: Application to Cherokee Nation by intermarriage with Robbie Rogers, full blood Indian. Refused 12 Nov 1902 by reason that he was White and had no Cherokee blood. He was on the 1896 Roll at Tahlequah, Indian Nation, page 1275, No. 9. He said he had lived in Ind. Territory since 1882. Decision D for denied. His children, however, were considered half-blood Cherokee and appear on the Dawes Roll of 1907. See ARC 259704 Enrollment for Cherokee Census Card R641. Digital copy of Letter from Dept. of Interior dated 20 Jun 1922. Record Group 75: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1793-1999.

CHILDREN: Dawes Final Roll 1907: Children: Lula 19, Charles 17, Walter 15, Sevolia 12, Zerilda all enrolled in Cherokee Tribe at Tahlequah, OK 1896. Enrolled by father, Sterling A. Austin (Non-Citizen).
Residence Cooweescoowee, Nowata, Indian Territory (OK). Census Card of 1896. Digital file NARA, ARC 252400

CENSUS: 1880 U. S. Census, Milton Co, GA, Old First, 842nd Dist, 5 Jun, p 467A, Dwelling 83, Fam 83; Sterling A. Austin, age 26, white, male, farmer, b GA, parents b GA; Robbie S. Austin, White, female, keeps house, b GA, parents b GA; Ednar S.. age 11 month, female, b Jul 1879 GA, parents b GA; Cate Rogers, age 28, black, female, servant in house, b GA; Harrison Rogers, black, male, servant, GA.

CENSUS: 1900: Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, Twp 26, Range 14E, June 1900, page 276B, Dwelling 404, fam 406; Austin, Sterling A., head, white, male, b Mar 1855, age 45, b GA, widower, parents b GA, a farmer; Austin, Zula, dau, white female, b Mar 1881, age 19, GA, GA, GA, at school; Austin, Charles, son, Mar 1883, age 17, Indian Ter. GA, GA; Austin, GA; Austin, Walter, son, b May 1885, age 15, b Ind. Ter., GA, GA; Austin, Sevolia, son, white, male, Aug 1888, Ind. Ter., GA, GA, at school.

CENSUS: 1910 U. S. Census, Nowata, OK, Nowata Twp, 10 May 1910. Dwelling 48, Fam 48.
Sterling A. Austin 56, b 1854 GA, fa b NC, mo b GA, farmer; Charles R. Austin 27, son, b OK, fa b GA, mo b GA.

DEATH: It would have been sometime after the 1910 census of Oklahoma and before the census of 1920, probably in Nowata, OK. His son Walter H. was named as Guardian of the minor children of Sterling on the Guion Miller Roll taken sometime after 1906.

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