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Alexander Austin

Sex: M

Born: 1849 at Starkville, Obtibbeha, MS
Died: 1911-1919 at Starkville, Obtibbeha, MS


Wife: Nabers, Harriett (1848 - )
Married: at MS.


Austin, Mary (1862 - )
Austin, Louis (1864 - )
Austin, Sam (1866 - )
Austin, Annie (1868 - )
Austin, James A. (Nov 1869 - )
Austin, Tommie (1874 - )
Austin, Tres (May 1875 - )
Austin, Malory (1877 - )
Austin, Joel (1879 - )


Father: Austin, Daniel (1815 - Bef 1900)
Mother: _____, Elsie (1827 - Bef 1903)


Austin, Edward (Abt 1848 - )
Austin, Alexander (1849 - 1911-1919)
Austin, John (1852-1854 - )
Austin, William (Abt 1855 - )
Austin, Joel (Oct 1857 - )
Austin, Patsy ( - )
Austin, Jane ( - )
Austin, Cornelia ( - )


CHOCTAW FREEDMAN (Case 4 see Austin file)

National Archives and MCR Card #4541 Alex Austin, Starkville, MS.
Dawes Packet of letters: DC 2324-1903 Dept of the Interior, Jan 21, 1903.
To Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, Muskogee, Indian Territory:
"Applicant Alex Austin appeared before you at Meridian, MS, Jan 17, 1902 and you refused to identify him as a Choctaw." He stated that he is a 1/4 blood Choctaw Indian now 54 years of age, and was formerly a slave. He has lived in MS and AL all his life. His father, Daniel Austin, was a Negro his mother, Else, was b about 1827 and lived in MS all her life. She was a slave, her father was named John. He was a 3/4 blood Choctaw Indian. Elsie's mother, Christian, was a 3/4 blood Choctaw and her grandmother, also named Christian was a full blood Choctaw woman. Application was denied.

Document of Refusal: Mississippi Choctaw Indians Field No. 4541, Starkville, MS. Alex Austin age 53, male 1/4 blood. Father Daniel Austin, mother, Elsie Austin claims Choctaw blood. Application dated, Oct 29, 1902, final stamp dated Jan 31, 1903.

MARRIAGE: Included in Dawes Packet MCR4541: Certified copy of marriage record for Alex Oyster (sic) and Harriett Nabers (colored).

CHILDREN-SIBLINGS: Dawes Packet MCR4541: "Alex has 3 living children: Jimmie Austin in Chicago, IL, Tommie Austin in St. Louis, MO, Tres Austin in Chicago. Alex has 4 brothers: EdwardAustin in Texas, John, William and Joel Austin. He has three sisters, Patsy Gray of Curve, TN,Jane Alston, and Cornelia.

RESIDENCE: Alex stated that he lived in Oktibbeha Co, MS all his life. However, he went toAlabama for 8 years after the surrender (Civil War?). He was a slave.

CENSUS: 1910 U. S. Census, Starkville, Oktibbeha, MS, Ward 3, Dist 96, 25 Apr 1920, Dwelling 493, Fam 494. Alexander Austin, male, black, age 68, head, married once, widower, b MS, parents b MS; Porter at Depot, rents home.

CENSUS: 1900 U. S. Census, Alex or Harriett were not found by this researcher. H. Austin 2010.
However, some of the children and siblings of Alex were found.

CENSUS: 1880 U. S. Census, Starkville, Obtibbeha Co, MS.5 Jul 1880, page 476, Dwelling 121, fam 242.
Alex Austin 35, B, laborer, b MS, fa b SC, mo b VA; Harriett Austin 32, keeps house, AL, AL, AL; Mary Austin, 18, servant, AL, MS, AL; Louis Austin 16, Laborer, AL, MS, AL; Sam Austin 14, laborer AL, MS, AL; Annie Austin 12, servant b MS, MS, AL; James Austin 9, son, MS, MS, AL; ; Thomas Austin, 6, MS, MS, AL; Trez Austin 4, MS, MS, AL; Malory Austin 3, son, MS, MS, AL; Joel Austin 1, son, MS, MS, AL.

CENSUS: 1870 U. S. Census, Starkville P. O., Oktibbeha Co, MS, Police Beat 1, 14 Jun, p 275B, Dwelling 202, Fam 192.
Alex Austin 22, m, B, farmer, 200 PP, b MS, can't read; Harriet 22, f, B, farmhand AL; Mary 8 AL; Sam 4 AL; Ann 2 MS; James 9/12 mo., MS. Also see famiiles 203, 204 Austins.

CENSUS: Since the 1870 census was the first one that showed Black families who were freedmen, former slaves, no earlier census for MS or AL shows this family. However there were some Austins who owned slaves living in Oktibbeha and surrounding counties before that time.

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