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Panter Austin

Tribe: Cherokee
Sex: M

Born: 1830-1845 at Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Tyler, Sallie (1835-1850 - )
Married: Abt 1860 at Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.


Austin, Samuel (Sep 1864 - 6 Nov 1901)


Case #1 of the Southeast Native America Database 2011 compiler Helen Austin

NAME: Compiler of the book "Cherokee by Blood" spelled the name as Pauter.
However, the microfilm has original script that shows the name spelled as Panter.
Compiler, H. Austin, believes that a proper English spelling could be Panther based on thefact people who live in the Appalachian Mountains sometimes spell the name of the mountain cat as, "Panter".

See DAWES CARD #1420 Panter Austin as the Eldest Austin in this family. He was a full blood Cherokee.

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