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Steven Austin

Tribe: Cherokee Freedman
Sex: M

Born: Abt 1860
Died: Bef 1890 at Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Rogers, Emeline (Abt 1860 - )
Married: Abt 1880 at Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory.


Austin, Lewis (1880 - )
Austin, Robert (1881 - )
Austin, Hannibal (1882 - )
Austin, Lula (May 1885 - )
Austin, Frank (Apr 1888 - )
Austin, Elizabeth (Abt 1890-1891 - )


Case #11 of the Southeast Native American Database for AFAOA 2011 by Helen Austin
Steven Austin was a Cherokee Freedman

WALLACE ROLL 1885: Source is
Wallace Cherokee Last First Age Sex Residence Clifton Remarks Death Office
1482 222 Austin Emeline 27 F Tahlequah Formerly McCracken 1472
1485 Austin Hannibal 7 M Tahlequah Authenticated 1475
1483 Austin Lewis 10 M Tahlequah 1017 Authenticated 1473
1484 Austin Rob't 9 M Tahlequah 1018 Authenticated 1474

Kern-Clifton Roll: Source is
Total Records: 4 Roll Last First Relation Sex Age District
1019 Austin Frank Jeff Russell's Ward Nancy McCraken's Children M 0.0 Saline
1017 Austin Louis Jeff Russell's Ward Nancy McCraken's Children M 18. Saline
1018 Austin Robert Jeff Russell's Ward Nancy McCraken's Children M 15. Saline

DAWES ROLL: NARA Microfilm on Dawes Card Information Card F538 Cherokee Freedman about 1898
tribe last first middle age sex blood card roll misc type
Cherokee Austin Emma 0 F F538 Parent
Cherokee Austin Steven 0 M F538 Parent
Cherokee Austin Elizabeth 12 F F538 3182 LOCUST GROVE F
Cherokee Austin Frank 13 M F538 3181 LOCUST GROVE F
Cherokee Austin Lula 15 F F538 3180 LOCUST GROVE F
Cherokee Austin Hannibal 18 M F538 3179 LOCUST GROVE F
Cherokee Austin Robert 19 M F538 3178 LOCUST GROVE F
Cherokee Colbert 0 M F538 Slave Owner

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