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Louis Austin

Tribe: Choctaw
Sex: M

Born: Abt 1820 at Eastern Choctaw Nation, MS
Died: 1880-1900 at Tuskahoma Dist., Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Webster, Mollie (Abt 1820 - 1880-1900)
Married: Abt 1840.


Austin, Jane Francis (19 Aug 1842 - 27 Oct 1924)
Austin, Malina (15 Dec 1844 - 13 May 1907)
Austin, Harriet (Abt 1861 - 14 Jun 1880)


AFAOA Project Case #17
DAWES FINAL LIST: Dawes Card # 1465 and Card # 1893.

Only the digitized transcribed information for this family was available from
A comparison with the 1900 U S Census was made for more information.

NOTE: has not made available the microfilm for viewing of Card #1465. Without seeing the exact notations, it is difficult to determine complete family relationships. Other records such as the US Census or biographies, or cemetery records have been used to identify some family relationships.

CARD 1465: Goodland Office. The applicant was probably Malina (Austin) Roebuck age 54, female 7/8 full blood Choctaw. Her roll # was 4092.
Her parents were Louie Austin and Mollie Austin. See her footnote on the individual PAF record of Malina.

CARD 1893: Tuskahoma Dist. Office Choctaw Nation. The applicant was probably Jane McCurtain age 56, female 7/8 full blood Choctaw. Her parents were Louis and Mollie Austin. See the footnote for Jane Austin McCurtain for more details about this card.

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