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Samuel Austin

Tribe: Choctaw
Sex: M

Born: Abt 1814 at Nituchachee District, Eastern Choctaw Nation, MS
Died: Bef 1898 at Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: _____, Viney (1820-1845 - )


Austin, Willis (Sep 1859 - Aft 1920)
Austin, David (May 1866 - Aft 1930)


AFAOA Project Case #7
Dawes Card 556. Date about 1898.
Samuel Austin, Choctaw full blood
Viney Austin, wife

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Choctaw Aaron James 0 M 556 P
Choctaw Aaron Joseph 0 M 556 P
Choctaw Aaron Narcissie 0 F 556 P
Choctaw Aaron Saliney 0 F 556 P
Choctaw Aaron Sallie 14 F FULL 556 1230 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin Samuel 0 M 556 P
Choctaw Austin Viney 0 F 556 P
Choctaw Austin John 1 M FULL 556 15761 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin William 1 M FULL 556 1231 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin Rosa 2 F FULL 556 1229 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin Simon 7 M FULL 556 1228 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin Emily 31 F FULL 556 1227 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin David 36 M FULL 556 1226 FOWLERVILLE BB

Note also see CARD 580, Roll #1304 for son Willis Austin, named father Samuel, mo Viney.

Earlier Indian Rolls. see book, Choctaw Mixed Blood and the Advent of Removal by Dr. Samuel James Wells pub 1987. Appendix A, B, C. Note: there are three mentions for a Samuel Austin. It could be this one of Case 7 or an earlier Samuel of MS who migrated to Red River District.

Appendix A. Sam Austin, Choctaw Academy records, P for mixed blood. House Document 109, 26th Cong, "Choctaw Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.”

Appendix B, Austin, Samuel Nituchachee District, period 1831-1833, received supplies in Choctaw Nation, MS.

Apprendix C. Samuel Austin, Red River location.

CHOCTAW CENSUS of 1855 was mentioned on family tree informant Larry Farmer as a source for Mrs. Austin. The Capt McCann Party of immigrants was also mentioned, as well as (groups?) Poshiswakaiya and Pashomashtubbe. Mississippi was mentioned as a birthplace for Samuel and Viney. A Choctaw name for Viney was also mentioned as Sin Tin Na Honah. No exact source was given.

Note: by Helen Austin 2011. Larry Farmer who posted a family tree on for Henry as well as a submitter of DNA to the AFAOA DNA Project, have linked Henry, my case #12, with the Samuel Austin b ca 1814 my case # 7. Larry cites imigration records (Choctaw?) and says that Samuel came with the Capt. McCann party to Oklahoma, Indian Territory. I have not linked Henry and Samuel because I have not seen the documents to back up this association.

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