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Tobias Austin

Tribe: Choctaw
Sex: M

Born: 1850 at Union Agency, Towson, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
Died: 1897-1900 at McAllester, Pittsburgh, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Austin, Becky (1845 - )


Austin, Louis (Sep 1875 - )
Austin, Viney (1878 - )
Austin, Lena (1880 - )
Austin, Jane (1884-1885 - Bef 1904)


Wife: Hokabe, Rhoda (Abt 1874 - )
Married: Abt 1896 at Fowlersville, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory,.


Austin, Benjamin (9 Nov 1897 - )


AFAOA Project Case #9

CENSUS: Indian Census Schedule 1885. Choctaw, Union Agency, Towson County, Page 15.
#428 Tobias Austin 35, male, Indian Choctaw, farmer, 10 acres, 1 mule, 15 cows, 10 hogs
#426 Becky Austin 40, f, Indian, Choctaw
#429 Mary Austin 30, f, Indian Choctaw
#430 Louis Austin 10, m, Ind.
#431 Viney Austin 7, f, Ind.
#432 Lena Austin 5, f, Ind.
#433 Jane Austin 1/2 yr old, f, Ind.

Note: by Helen Austin 2010. The Mary Austin #429 may be the same Mary Charles born 1850, a widow who is on the 1900 U. S. Census of Choctaw Nation, Twp 6S, R21E who is living with Louis and Pauline. She could be a sister to Tobias. She is probably not the mother of Louis because the Dawes Card #1208 shows Tobias and Becky as the parents of Louie b 1878. There is a possibility that Mary was a first wife to Tobias and continued to live with Tobias and his second wife Becky in 1885. In that case she could be the mother of Louis.

See DAWES CARD #1207, #1208 and #5538 for further information about the children of Tobias and Becky. Card 1207 is for Tobias second wife Rhoda and their child Benjamin. Rhoda married second to Houston Jacobs and their child was Coleman Jacobs.
Card 1208 is about the son of Tobias and Becky named Louie/Louis whose wife was Pauline Garland.
Card 5538 is to verify that Lena Austin is the daughter of Tobias and Becky.

Dawes Roll Card 1207 Fowlerville District Office, Indian Territory

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Choctaw Austin Tobias 0 M 1207 P
Choctaw Austin Benjamin 2 M FULL 1207 3275 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Hokabe Joseph 0 M 1207 P
Choctaw Hokabe Susan 0 F 1207 P
Choctaw Jacobs Houston B 0 M 1207 P
Choctaw Jacobs Colman 1 M FULL 1207 3276 FOWLERVILLE BB
Choctaw Jacobs Rhoda 29 F FULL 1207 3274 FOWLERVILLE BB

Dawes Card 1208 Fowlerville District Office, IT

Choctaw Austin Becky 0 F 1208 P
Choctaw Austin Tobias 0 M 1208 P
Choctaw Austin Pauline 18 F FULL 1208 3278 FOWLERSVILLE BB
Choctaw Austin Louie 24 M FULL 1208 3277 FOWLERSVILLE BB
Choctaw Garland Nicholas 0 M 1208 P

Card 5538
Dawes Card Information

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Choctaw Austin Becky 0 F 5538 P
Choctaw Austin Tobias 0 M 5538 P
Choctaw Austin Lena 18 F 1/2 5538 NR GARVIN BB

DEATH DATE: Computed by the compiler using the birth date of the last child of Tobias, Benjamin Austin, in 1897 and the marriage date of the widow of Tobias, Rhoda Hokabe Austin Jacobs in 1900.

CENSUS: 1900 U S Territorial Census, Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma, 2-4 Jun 1900, Page 164A, Dwelling 5, Fam 5. Louis Austin 24, Indian, farmer b Sep 1875 and wife Pauline 18, b Aug 1881, also Mary Charles, Indian.

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