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Rev Cornelius Austin

Tribe: Cherokee Freedman
Sex: M

Born: Abt 1866 at Venita District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Moore, Mary (1876 - )


Austin, Cornelius N. (1915 - )


Father: Austin, Thomas (Bef 1850 - )
Mother: Fountaine, Eliza ( - )


Austin, Cornelius (Abt 1866 - )


Dawes Card Cornelius Austin, Cherokee Freedman F715
Cherokee District Vinita

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Cherokee Austin Thomas 0 M F715 Parent of Cornelius
Cherokee Austin Mary 22 F F715 1780 VINITA Freedman
Cherokee Austin Cornelius 32 M F715 1779 VINITA Freedman
Cherokee Fountaine Eliza 0 F F715 Parent
Cherokee Landrum John 0 M F715 Slave Owner
Cherokee Moore Nelson 0 M F715 Parent
Cherokee Moore Rase 0 F F715 Parent

CENSUS: 1920 U S Census, Muskogee Co, OK, 3 Jan , p 26, Dw 30, Fam 29. Austin, Cornelius N., head, male, black, 49, married, OK, VA, OK, Minister U.M.E. church; Carrie L., wife, F, Mulatto 28, married, TX, TX, TX, dressmaker; Cornelius N., Jr. son male, black, 5, OK, OK, TX. More documentation is needed to prove that this Cornelius is the same person as the Cherokee Freedman Dawes Card F715.

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