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William Smith Richard Austin

Tribe: Grandfather of Choctaw
Sex: M

Born: Jan 1830 at AL
Died: 1880-1898


Wife: Gaines, Virginia Caroline (11 Jul 1846 - 18 Jul 1931)
Married: 20 Jan 1867 at Clarke Co, MS.1


Austin, Clara Louise (Abt 1868 - )
Austin, William Gaines (2 Feb 1869 - 10 Nov 1945)
Austin, Virginia Pendleton (1872 - 1962)
Austin, Charles Henry (1874 - 1951)
Austin, Helen S. (1877 - Abt 1930-1931)


AFAOA Project Case #20
DAWES FINAL ROLL of the Five Civilize Tribes. Source: W. G. Austin is named as the father of Virginia Austin Mitchell who applied for Choctaw benefits for her children.

Dawes Card Information Card 3491

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Choctaw Austin Virginia 0 F 3491 Parent
Choctaw Austin W G 0 M 3491 Parent
Choctaw Mitchell Emily 0 F 3491 P
Choctaw Mitchell Virginia P 0 F 3491 P
Choctaw Mitchell William L 0 M 3491 P
Choctaw Mitchell Austin L 1 M 1/16 3491 NR DURANT BB
Choctaw Mitchell Emily 1 F 1/16 3491 NR DURANT BB
Choctaw Mitchell William L Jr 2 M 1/16 3491 NR DURANT BB
Choctaw Mitchell Virginia P 30 F IW 3491 NR DURANT BB
Choctaw Mitchell William L 34 M 1/8 3491 NR DURANT BB
This card 3491 shows that the Choctaw blood in the family came from the mother of William L. Mitchell, Sr. (of Choctaw County, AL). William Mitchell was accepted in the Choctaw Nation in 1881 and his wife, Virginia was accepted by intermarriage into the tribe. Their children Austin L. Mitchell b 1899 and Emily Mitchell b 1899-1900 were counted as part Choctaw.

NAME: See AL Death Certificate for his wife Caroline Virginia Gaines Austin 1931, his Military service record, and the U S Census of 1860, 1870. Full name is posted on by ovaughn01 in Vaughn Family Tree. William G Austin is the name given by his daughter Virginia P Austin Mitchell for the Dawes Commission. The name of her brother is William Gaines Austin b 1869.

MILITARY: William S. R. Austin, CSA 7th Regt MS Cavalry, Co. G, I. Corporal in, Corporal out. Microfilm M232, Roll 2. Also on Austin CSA Soldiers list by Jim Carlin.

MARRIAGES- Hunting for Bears. Marriage 1, Clarke Co, MS, to Lucinda S. Tardy, 10 Apr 1856 to William Smith Austin. Marriage 2, Clarke Co, MS, to Caroline Virginia Gaines 20 Jan 1867.

CENSUS 1860 U S Census, Clarke Co, MS, Pearses Springs, 2 Jul 1860, p 80, Dwelling 534, Fam 534. W. R. S. Austin 30, m, merchant $850. $3555 pp b AL; L. S. (wife) 23, f, AL, b ? (Lucinda S Tardy); A. E. Austin 2, f, MS; L. A. Austin 3/12 F AL; F.E. Springer 12, f, AL.

CENSUS: 1870 U S Census, Mobile, AL, Mobile Ward 1, p 13, 17 Jun 1870. W. S. R. Austin 40, m, w, bookkeeper, AL, father & mother of foreign birth; C. V. Austin, 24, f, w, keeping house, $3000, AL, AL, AL; A. E. 12, f, w, at school, b MS, in school; W. G. Austin 1, m, w, AL; also servants listed are Dixon, Coline 40, f, b, AL, servant, SC; Seymour, Austin, 30, m, b, servant, AL; Seymour, Laura 23, f, black, servant SC; Seymour Benjamin, m, b, 4/12 AL; Brown, Sarah 14, f, b, nursing, AL; Brown, Max 10, m, b, nursing, AL.

CENSUS: 1880 U S Census, Green Co, MS, State Ln Beat 2, p 105C. Widow V. C. Austin & children.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Census of 1860 and 1870 has the birthplace of Wm S R Austin as AL. Some family trees give this as Mobile County, but no documentation is offered. William also has on the census that his parents were of foreign birth.

PLACE OF DEATH-DATE: Not known. Some Familytrees have that William died in Arkansas about 1880. No documentation is known. He could have died in MS, LA, AL, AR, OK.

ANCESTRY: Note by Helen Austin 2011. No proofs for other Austin family members have been found by this researcher. However, a Henry Austin b 1834 in AL in the U S Census of 1850, was living in the City of Mobile in the house of Jane Springer b 1812 MS. He was a clerk. A Mrs. Smith b 1826 was also living in the house as were eight other boarders. The children of Jane were Mary Jane Springer 7 LA; E. C. age 5, male b LA and a F. A. age 1 F, b AL.

On the 1860 U. S. Census (seen above) a F. E. Springer age 12, female b AL was living with W. S. R Austin in Clarke Co, MS. This suggests that the F. E. or F. A. Springer born 1848/1849 was the same person on both census and that the Henry Austin might be a relative of William Smith Richard Austin. More research into the Springer and Smith families of Mobile, AL should be done.

Immigration records to the Port of Mobile, AL for the period about 1800-1829 should be searched for the names of Austin, Springer, Smith coming to America from England.


1. [Member Family Trees] Note: submitter Henry, Hunting for Bears Mississippi Marriages.

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