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John Austin

Sex: M

Born: Abt 1865 at TN
Died: Abt 1896 at Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory


Wife: Ray, Martha Ann (Sep 1872 - )
Married: Abt 1888 at TX.


Austin, Gracie (11 Sep 1888 - )


AFAOA Project Case #19
DAWES CARD MCR604 (Mississippi Choctaw Rejected) Application for Grace Austin & John Austin, her father. 2 CONT Her mother, Martha Ann Ray, married John Austin first, and Earnest Newton 2 CONC second.
Application was rejected.

Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Choctaw Austin Grace 11 F 1/8 MCR604 MCR
Choctaw Austin John 0 M MCR604 P
Choctaw Newton Andrew 0 M MCR604 P
Choctaw Newton Annie A 0 F MCR604 P
Choctaw Newton Earnest 39 M IW MCR604 MCR
Choctaw Newton Martha A 29 F 1/4 MCR604 MCR
Choctaw Ray John 0 M MCR604 P
Choctaw Ray Sarah A 0 F MCR604 P

NOTE: Helen Austin 2011. It is my opinion that this John Austin (RIN444) Case 19 might be the same person as John Grant Austin (RIN342) in Case 18. They were both the same age. There is no proof that they were the same person; more research needs to be done. The note on DAWES CARD MCR399 for Sarah Ann Ray family tree, showing children grandchildren, has the word divorced/dead for the John who was the father of Gracie Austin b 1888. It also shows Benjamin Austin and Martin Austin as the children of John Austin and Mary Ann Bates. Mary Ann m Jet Love after John Austin died.

DEATH: Estimated from the date of the testimony of Martha Ann Ray (Austin) Newton on her application to the DAWES COMMISSION 17 Aug 1900. She claimed that her daughter Gracie was born 1888 and her husband John Austin, a white man was dead and she married Earnest Newton in Choctaw Nation, Wapahhula in 1896.

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