Native American Austin Families


Granville Austin

Tribe: Married to Creek Freedman
Sex: M

Died: 1886-1898


Wife: Carr, Mahala (May 1837 - Aft 1920)
Married: Abt 1867 at Creek Nation, Indian Territory, USA.


Austin, Samuel (1867 - Aft 1920)
Austin, Tilda (Apr 1879 - Aft 1920)
Austin, James (Mar 1881 - Aft 1930)
Austin, William (Apr 1883 - Aft 1920)
Austin, Sarah (Feb 1886 - Aft 1920)


Case #24 of the Southeast Native America Database 2011 compiler Helen Austin

See DAWES CARD 594 for Mahaley Austin, wife, who was a Creek Freedman a former slave of the Jackson cousins. Granville Austin, her husband was listed as a U. S. Citizen (neither a slave or a native american).

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