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John Austin

Tribe: Creek Freedman ancestor
Sex: M

Born: 1847 at TX


Wife: _____, Sallie (Mar 1844-1855 - )
Married: Abt 1870 at Leon Co., TX.


Austin, T. A. (1872 - )
Austin, Dorsey (1873 - )
Austin, Mary (1874 - )
Austin, Milton (1875 - )
Austin, Pleas (May 1878 - Bef 1910)
Austin, Martha (Jan 1885 - )


AFAOA Project Case #25
CENSUS: 1880 U S Census, Leon Co, TX dist 1-86, 23 Jun, Dwelling 36, Fam 36. John Austin, black, male, 33, laborer, b TX, GA, GA; Sallie Austin, wife, black, female, 36, keeps house, b TX; T. A. Austin, black, male, 8, son, TX, TX, TX; Dorsey Austin, b, m, 7, son, TX; Mary Austin, b, f, 6, dau, TX; Milton Austin, b, m, 5, son, TX; Pleas Austin, b, m, 2, son, TX, TX, TX; Henry Wilkinson, b, m, 18, nephew, TX, 0, AL.

Note by Helen Austin 2011: Notice that the oldest woman living with John in 1870 is a Sarah who is much older than John. However the children are only eleven years younger than John. If the ages of these people are correct then it is not likely that Sarah is the same person as Sallie the wife of John on the 1880 census. The children and Sarah might be siblings of John, as the 1870 census does not name the family relationships. There is a gap of time between the age of James b 1860 and T.A. Austin b 1872 son of John and Sallie. Either the Civil War made a separation of John and his wife, or else John did not marry Sallie until about 1871.
Since there is no census of 1860 for black slaves, there is not a comparison available for
earlier census.

CENSUS: 1870 U S Census, Leon Co, TX, Pct 2, Centerville P. O., 26 Sep p 10, Dw 120, Fam 120. John Auston 23, b, m, farmer, b AL, $120.00 personal property; Sarah Auston, 31, b, f, wife, keeping house, LA; Lucy 12, b, f, dau, at home, b TX; James 10, b, m, son, at home, b TX.

Note by Helen Austin 2011: Notice that several other Austin/Auston families live nearby. The next family 121 is Rubin Austin 24, m, b, farmer, b AL $160 pp, and wife Rachell 28, f, b, SC; Emaline 12, f, b, at home, TX; Rose 8, f, b, at home. TX. This Rubin may be a brother to John Austin.

CENSUS: 1910 U S Census, McIntosh Co, OK, 26 Apr, Eufaula, Dw 195, Fam 195. John Austen b, m, 56 m 30 yr, LA,LA,LA, Dist. Court Janitor; Sallie Austin, wife, m once, for 30 yrs. 9 ch 6 liv. b TX, unknown, unknown. Note: On other census, John said that his parents were born AL. Are the letters reversed on this census, or is this a different person?

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