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Minerva Austin

Tribe: Seminole
Sex: F

Born: 1835 at Seminole Nation, Indian Territory
Died: Aft 1900 at Seminole Nation, Indian Territory


Husband: Austin, _____ ( - Aft 1875)
Married: Bef 1856.


Austin, Lane (1874 - )
Austin, Rose (1860 - )


Husband: Maupin, _____ (Abt 1830-1840 - )
Married: Abt 1863.


Maupin, Alice (1856 - Aft 1900)
Maupin, Gro (Feb 1864 - )


Minerva was 1/2 Seminole and 1/2 Cherokee according to the following Dawes Cards.

DAWES CARD 701 Seminole Freedman. Card is for dau Rose Austin who was the wife of Plenty Fay, a Seminole Freedman. Her father was named Austin a member of the Caesar Bruner Band of Seminoles. Her mother is Minerva Austin enrolled in 1897 with #497 as a member of the Caesar Bruner tribe. Dist. Office of Dawes was Econtuchka, Indian Territory P. O. Enrolled with Dawes Apr 2, 1901.
Also see Dau, Rosa Austin registered Card #708, as a mother of Jack Bruner, age 19, enrolled in 1897 #1546. His father was a Ben Johnson, Seminole Freedman. Dawes Enrollment dated Apr 2, 1901.

RACE: Seminole. Father was Seminole, mother was 1/2 blood Cherokee.

CENSUS; 1900 U S Census, Indian Territory (OK) Twp 6, Seminole Nation, 6 Jun, p 61B, Dwelling 6, Fam 6. Minerva Austin age 65, head, Indian, full blood, IT, IT, IT; Alice Maupin, 34, dau, Indian, b 1866 TX, fa b MO, mo b IT; Lane Austin 26, son, Indian, married 5 yrs. IT; Cindy Austin, 20, dau-in-law 20, m 5 yr. 2 ch, TX, unknown, Mexico; Creasy Austin 6, granddaughter, IT, IT, IT; Samuel Austin 11/12 grandson, Indian, b Jun 1899 IT, IT, IT. Next family 5 is Gro Maupin, Indian, male, Feb 1864, age 36, married 7 yr, TX, MO, IT; Lucy Maupin, wife, Indian, 34, m 7 yr. 10 ch, 6 living, IT; infant unnamed, son, May 1900, IT, TX; Davis, Lu, dau, In, 14; Bugu, Ida, dau, 10.

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