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Stewart Austin

Tribe: Choctaw
Sex: M

Born: Sep 1881 at Coffadeliah, Neshoba, MS
Died: 4 Dec 1965 at Fitzhugh, Pontotoc, OK
Buried: at Roff, Pontotoc, OK

Description: :


Wife: Thompson, Hortense (31 Jul 1884 - 4 Dec 1975)
Married: Abt 1902 at MS.


Austin, Jimmerson (15 Dec 1902 - 29 Jan 1933)
Austin, Lee (10 Jan 1907 - 5 Jun 1965)
Austin, Rena (30 Apr 1913 - 19 Oct 2007)
Austin, Guy (6 Oct 1916 - 5 Nov 2002)


Father: Austin, Seale (Abt 1836 - 1884)
Mother: Seale, Pis-ah-ho-le-moh (Abt 1850 - 1896)


Austin, Stewart (Sep 1881 - 4 Dec 1965)
Austin, Alice (Abt 1890 - )


Case #3 of the Southeast Native America Database 2011 compiler Helen Austin

PLACE: Stewart and his parents were members of the Choctaw Nation who lived near the place known as Coffadeliah, In Neshoba County, State of Mississippi.

BIRTH-SPOUSE-INLAWS-RES-PARENTS-BLOOD: DAWES COMMISION- Card #520, Dated Apr 19, 1901- Northern Mississippi Choctaw Roll 1529- Hortense Thompson Austin, Full MCR1888, full blood Choctaw wife of Stewart Austin. Her father, Allison Thompson, decd. Her mother, age 40, male, Full blood Chocktaw, Dawes 1527 MCR, his father Bill Thompson, decd. Mother of Hortense, was Martha Bell Thompson, age 55 F, #1528MCR. Mother of Martha was Becky Bell. Father of Martha was Elan,Ailen or Allison Bell. Lena Thompson age 14, full blood Choctaw, is a sister of Hortense, see Roll 1530 MCR.
Testimony was given at Meridian, MS, Apr 19, 1901. Refer to MCR2582 and MCR 5156. In 1903, there was an Indian allotment of land to Stewart Austin. He was not living on his land at that time. See 25 pages in Dawes Packets, Case # MCR1888, page 14. Available on or at the National Archives in Ft. Worth, TX.

NOTE: Helen Austin, Mar 27, 2010. DAWES CARD 5099, Packet: Stewart says he does not know the first name of his father. His father was just called Austin. Stewart b 1881, says that he lived all of his life in Neshoba Co, MS, in the community called Coffadeliah, MS near the present day community of Philadelphia, MS. He says his mother's name is Sealy or Choctaw name is Pis-ah-ho-le-moh. His sister is Alice Austin b 1990 MS. He his brother is John Long who lives with Ed Henson. A study of the 1900, 1880 and 1870 census of that location shows several families with the surname of Stewart, Seale, and Long, but no Austins. There is a possibility that his father was from the Stewart family. Since the father was only known by his son, by the name of Austin and he died when Stewart was only three years old, it is not surprising that Stewart knew very little about him. His father was estimated by Stewart to have been born about 1836 and he died about 1884 at age 48. Stewart's mother, Sealy died abt 1896, at age 60, with an estimated birth date of 1836. The interrogator of the Dawes Commission observed that Stewart did have the appearance of a full blood Choctaw Indian and spoke fluent Choctaw language.

BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: East Hill Cemetery, Roff, Pontotoc, OK. Stewart Austin b Sep 1881 d Jun 14 1965.

CENSUS: 1910 U. S. Census, Neshoba Co, MS, 10 May 1910, #7632, page 103, Dwelling 13, Fam 13:
Stewart Austin, 35, Indian, b ca 1875 MS, father and mother b MS, rents farm, all in the family are marked as Indian, Choctaw.
Hortense, 25, Indian, 3 ch, 2 living b MS; Jimpson Austin 7, son, Indian b MS; Lee Austin 3, son, Indian b MS; Martha Thompson 65 (mother-in-law) widow, had 6 children, 3 are living. Next family is Buddie (Bud-Dah) Bell, a relative of Martha.

DRAFT CARD: World War I Draft Registration Card: Sep 12, 1915 or 1918, Stewart Austin, Indian of Pontotoc Co, OK Card 413, age 37, oc. farmer, med ht., med build, black hair, black eyes, wife Hortense Austin of Rt. 2 Neff, Pontotoc, OK. Location not legible (Neff, Roff, Boff, OK)

CENSUS: 1920 U. S. Census, Pontotoc Co, OK, Fitzhugh Twp, 14 Jun 1920, Dwelling 67, Fam 67, All Indians: Steward Austin, 38, owns home, Indian, farmer, MS, MS, MS; Hortense Austin 35, wife, MS, MS, MS; Jimerson Austin 17, MS, MS, MS; Lee Austin, male, 11, MS, MS, MS; Rena Austin 6 8/12 b OK, MS, MS; Mitch Austin, 3 9/12 years, b OK, parents b MS.

CENSUS: 1930 U. S. Census, Pontotoc Co, OK, Fitzhugh Twp, Apr 2, 1930, page 214, Dwelling 6, Fam 6: Stewart Austin 57, Indian, b MS, owns land, full blood Choctaw; Hortense Austin 49, b MS, married at age 20; Jimmerson Austin, 27, son, MS; Lee Austin 21, son, MS; Micha 14, son OK; Rennia 15, dau, OK. All are listed as full blood Choctaw. Next family is Joe Thompson age 42 b AR.

CENSUS: 1940 U. S. Census, Fitzhugh Twp., Pontotoc, OK, Sheet 1A, Page 342, House 11, Stewart Austin, owns house, $400 value, age 61, male, Indian, farmer, 0 grade school, 0 income, same house in 1935, married, b MS; Hortense, wife, 59, Indian, b MS 0 school, 0 income; Lee 30, son, male, Indian, b OK, 4th grade, same place in 1935; Guy 22, son, Indian, b OK,5th grade of school, farm laborer, general farming, lived in same place in 1935.

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