The goal of the DNA Project is the creation of DNA profiles for Austin-Austen Family lines and coordination of Y-Chromosome DNA test results to create a Profiles Table. We are looking for male Austins, with documented family lines, to join the project. Researchers may then compare their own Y-DNA numbers to those in the table to determine a possible connection to one of those families. As of November 2016 there are about 235 Austins in the project.

If you are interested in contributing your Y-DNA test results, please click here - Family Tree DNA Web Site Austin-Austen Project - then fill out and submit the "Austin-Austen DNA Project Join Request" form. The cost of the test is reduced if you join the project. Follow the other links on this page to "View Latest Test Results," to see the answers to "Frequently Asked Questions," to see qualification for  “Free DNA Testing," to see how many tests and which family “Testing by Database," and to learn about the "DNA Project Fund."

You can join this project even if you were not tested by Family Tree DNA, but by another testing service. We encourage 37 marker, 67 marker or 111 marker testing and upgrades can be made to existing tests.

FTDNA runs sales on test kits and upgrades several times a year. For more information on the project, or to be notified when these FTDNA sales are announced, please contact the Art Sikes, or the
Carol R. Austin.

Coordinating the collection of 37 and 67 marker Y-DNA test results for these and other Austin-Austen lines:

Francis Austin bc. 1668 Evesham, NJ

Miles b. 1800 Franklin Co., VA

Hattaras Austin’s, Hatteras Bank, NC

Nathaniel Austin bc. 1720 Greenville, SC

Henry Austin bc. 1687 Calvert Co., DM

Richard Austin bc. 1598 of Charlestown, MA

John Austin b. 1657 Greenwich, CT

Robert Austin b. say 1635 of Kingstown, RI

John Austin b. 1647 New Haven, CT

Samuel Austin b. say1644 Boston, MA

John Austin b. 1765 Monongalia Co., VA

Solomon & John Austin bc. 1744 North Carolina

John Austin bc. 1696 Monongalia Co., MD

Thomas Austin b. 1767 New Kent Co., VA

Jonah Austen b. say 1598 of Taunton, MA

William Austin bc. 1651 Kent Co., MD

Joseph Austin bc. 1660 Dover, NH

William & Elizabeth bc. 1680 Craven Co., SC

Larkin Austin b. 1800 Wayne Co., IL

William & Ruth bc. 1700 North Carolina