Since we cannot ask all of the people in our databases that are still living for permission to use their personal data, we have, in the past, gone through each individual in the database, attempted to determine his or her status, and then completely deleted the individual record from the database, replacing his or her name with "LIVING." This has led to numerous comments from people who see their deceased sister or uncle here on the Web, yet do not see themselves or others in their families who are still living.


As new databases become available, or as old ones get updated, rather than eliminate living people, we are deleting all data other than their name. The relationships between these people and their parents/siblings has been maintained.

The criteria that we are using is:

1. People are considered as living if their age is 90 years or less and there is no death or burial data in their record. All such living people have all data removed from their record and a note added which states, “Living Individual, details withheld."
2. People with no birth information AND no death or burial data in their record are presented on the web as is with no deletions made to their record.

CAUTION:  Because our criteria are quite arbitrary, there will likely be discrepancies between what is claimed here and reality, hopefully erring on the side of showing people now dead as living. We apologize for any problems or inconvenience caused by these errors. We would also appeal to anyone with proper data to contact the compiler of the database you were last viewing, and send him or her your corrections.

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