Every place in every person's record in our AFAOA databases has been sorted into major world regions, and a series of index tables relating the person to his or her places has been created.

The index has been further sub-divided for the special case of the United States into states, territories, the District of Columbia, and a temporary "Unknown" category containing place names that have yet to be corrected in the various databases.

Each region or state name serves as a link to a table of places within that region. Table columns list the index page number, and "From-To" columns corresponding to the name of the first and last place on that index page..

Locate your search name within the "From" - "To" place name range and click on either place name to access the index page.

When you have found a possible place name match on the index page, click on the person’s name to go to that person's family group sheet.

If this person seems to be a match, it would be a good idea to write down the title of the database so you can access it directly in the future. You can traverse the database by simply following any links of interest.

In many of the index tables the place name appears in parentheses. These tables alphabetically list individuals whose records list only a state or region without further place name clarification. To find these people, the user must search page to page for their person.

Please remember that this is a listing of places that appear in our databases, not some or all of the places/regions where Austins have lived or may have come from.

NOTE: Living people are not included in the index. The same is obviously true for people whose records do not list any place.

United States (including DC, Indian Territory, and Dakota Territory)

Other Countries