The archival holdings of the AFAOA began with the efforts of Edith Austin Moore. She collected general Austin data such as vital records, census data, etc. and produced books or manuscripts on eight Austin lines. Janet Austin Curtis continued her work. The AFAOA continues Austin research and, through the considerable effort of a number of volunteers, is making it available on the World Wide Web.

There are two ways to access Austin research data:

Access to Family Group Sheet, Descendancy Chart, Modified Register Report for each of our 63 Austin databases.

Click on PUBLICATIONS button below for access to publications, manuscripts, charts, stories of Austin families – most indexed and available for text search.

Austin families originating from above the Mason-Dixon Line
Austin families originating from below the Mason Dixon Line
Austin families with no known progenitor
Indexes the names of 156,000 individuals in our databases
Indexes every place entered into all 63 databases
Archive Series containing the research of Edith Austin Moore and Janet Austin Curtis, Special Collections
Special Collections containing the Newsletters of the Austin Families Genealogical Society, The Dall-Tardy Letters, and the research of Harold Austin Steiner into the Austin families of early North Carolina and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Austin Holdings – Miscellaneous stories, records, photos, histories and biographies of Austin individuals and families.
AFAOA Newsletters – Association Newsletters from the Fall of 1998 on, plus abstracts of articles from earlier Newsletters.