The 1998 Eagle Award
went to Jim & Liz Austin Carlin for their book entitled
"Some Descendants of Richard Austin of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1638."

The Austins of America Genealogical Society's Austin Genealogical Research Award is presented annually at the National Austin Convention banquet to an Austin family researcher who has made significant contributions in publishing Austin histories or genealogies.



Announcing the Publication of the Revised
Genealogy of Richard Austin of Charlestown...



by Jim and Liz Austin Carlin


720 pages of genealogical data on 12,200 individuals (over 7,500 Austin surnamed individuals).
109 photographs of Austin family members, many of them dating back to Civil War days.
Special 108 page name index, where individuals are alphabetically arranged by given name, augmented by their birth and death data where known. 
Wherever possible, thorough documentation is listed for each event in each individual's genealogy, based on primary, secondary and tertiary sources. 

Over eight years in preparation, this reference book is based on the material first published by Edith Austin Moore in her 1968 edition. That work has been carefully analyzed and corrected where possible, and then updated by extensive further research and the contributions of 189 Austin family genealogists.

Since the 1998 publication of the book, eleven update cycles have occurred, the latest on 24 January 2009. Updates have come mainly via e-mail from readers of the book, Austin researchers, and additional research by the authors. For current book owners or new book purchasers, an update document has been prepared keyed to the book's numbering system. This large Acrobat document is available for download:

It can be read and printed out by using the free Adobe Acrobat reader:

Adobe Web Site

Because of the magnitude of the changes, this update document will no longer be maintained and consequently will not track on-going updates to the Richard Austin database. Be assured that the data presented elsewhere on this site represents the completely updated database.

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