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2023 Conference Registration
Conference Registration includes attendance at all seminars and work sessions, the welcome reception, and the closing dinner.  This fee helps offsets the cost of the meeting rooms, speakers’  fees, and all food and beverage.
[Located in Category: Tickets]
Price: $120.00

Banquet Only
For those who do not wish to attend the seminars and workshops, this ticket covers the welcome reception and closing dinner.
[Located in Category: Tickets]
Price: $60.00

Richard Austin Book Richard Austin Book
Some Descendants of Richard Austin of 
Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1638

by Jim and Liz Austin Carlin
* 720 pages of genealogical data on 12,200 
  individuals (over 7,500 Austin surnamed 
* 109 photographs of Austin family members, 
  many of them dating back to Civil War days.
* Special 108 page name index, where individuals are alphabetically 
  arranged by given name, augmented by their birth and death 
  data where known.
* Wherever possible, thorough documentation is listed for each event 
  in each individual's genealogy, based on primary, secondary and 
  tertiary sources.
Over eight years in preparation, this reference book is based on the 
material first published by Edith Austin Moore in her 1968 edition. 
That work has been carefully analyzed and corrected where possible, 
and then updated by extensive further research and the contributions 
of 189 Austin family genealogists.
Pre-order your book and pick it up at the Conference to save on
shipping charges!
[Located in Category: Tickets]
Price: $65.00