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A Message From Our President

Enjoy the Christmas Season
This year’s Yuletide celebration may be a modified experience for us all. We must consider how to celebrate yet still lower the risks brought to all of us by the ongoing pandemic.  Working with AFAOA is a remote and safe activity. It’s also fun. Join us in celebrating Austin families.
Welcome to our site. Now that you are here have a good look around. We offer a lot of information and ideas about Austin families of America. Whether you have just discovered AFAOA or you are expanding your participation, here are some shortcuts. AFAOA is the mother Association sponsoring all activities. Your multifaceted participation is possible if you join us.  Depending on your needs we offer a variety of joining options. You can choose one or all. There are four pathways to advance your Austin family research:
  1. AFAOA Membership: Join AFAOA.  This automated AFAOA joining method allows payment by PayPal or credit card - Enjoy the benefits of membership. We will help you with your family search. We also invite you to help us. Membership = 225; Price = $15/year.
  2. TNG Database Membership: Sign up for AFAOA’s TNG Database. Then you can automate your search through the 150,000 people from the 70 different Austin families of AFAOA. Membership = 950; Price = Free.
  3. Austin DNA Project Membership: Join the Austin DNA Project on Family Tree DNA.  All men and women may join once you have DNA tested with FTDNA or moved a copy of your DNA test results to FTDNA. We will help you find your Austin family links through DNA matching. We help all, with favoritism to AFAOA members. Membership = 400; Price = Free.
  4. Volunteer to help us: Volunteer! Everybody who works with AFAOA is a volunteer. You could enjoy and learn as you work with us. We are expanding our volunteer program to include your skillset, whatever it may be. Your return for your efforts balances what you put in. If you help us, we will help you. Membership = all comers; Price = your time and effort. 
John Clinard

The Forums Are Live!

Members, have you visited our Forums page yet?
You'll find the link under the Members Only tab. Help your fellow Austins by answering their queries. Post your own queries.
This is a benefit of membership, and a great chance to connect with fellow Austin researchers while we can't meet in person. 

All Members Should Login!

All members (for whom we have a working email address) should have received an email explaining how to login. We are asking everyone to login by 15 Nov 2020 and change his or her password. This is to ensure our website's security. If you do not reset your password by the 15th, your account will be disabled and you will need to contact the Webmaster at to regain access.
We already have several tools available for members who login. You are invited to take advantage of the Surname Research tool, post queries on our Forum, pay your dues online, see our Membership List and email other members, and download our bylaws and other Association documents.
For general questions about AFAOA, please send a message to our general email:
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Have Austin Information to Share?

If you have any information on Austins to share with us, please contact our genealogists:
For northern states, contact Carol R. Austin at
For southern states, contact Liz Austin Carlin at
We will try to help you find your place in our Austin lines.

Looking for Our Database?

It has moved!
Click on AFAOA Database to the left. 
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Historic Austin Photos

Feel free to submit your old photos to the Webmaster for inclusion on our home page.
Ensign Anthony Austin's HouseTitchfield House   
Artist's drawing of the J. Austen residence, Jeromesville, Ohio



Austin Help Worldwide

Austen Family CrestAFAOA is the premiere organization for researching Austins who emigrated from Europe to the United States and Canada. For Austins who remained in Europe, or emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, please also visit, which is run by Guild of One Name Studies and AFAOA member Brian Austen of Tasmania, Australia.



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