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Austin-Austen DNA Project

The Austin-Austen DNA Program supports two DNADiagram of Austin DNA Project Branches Projects: (1) Austin (Y-DNA) Project, and (2) Austin Autosomal DNA (at-DNA) Project. As shown in the figure, each participant in the program supports one leg of a tree-legged stool: AFAOA with its DNA support staff, and its extensive Austin-Austen databases, you the researcher with your DNA data and results, and our commercial vendor Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) which provides DNA testing, data comparisons, and displays results. Both projects require a single membership account with FTDNA which automatically enrolls you in the combined program. You can join the program even if you were tested by a commercial vendor other than FTDNA. Additional details are provided under each of our two Projects.
AUSTIN FAMILY TREES - There is a huge benefit in coupling your Austin DNA testing with contextual and genealogical information in AFAOA’s Database. This free genealogical database requires that you register on the site to view/copy data and information that has been assembled over AFAOA’s decades of collaborative work on various lines of Austin surnames. Membership in AFAOA itself is strongly recommended* but not required to participate in the DNA program.
HOW TO JOIN THE DNA PROGRAM - If you are interested in joining the Austin-Austen DNA Program, please click Family Tree DNA Austin-Austen Project then fill out and submit the "Austin-Austen DNA Project Join Request" form. Program membership reduces the cost of testing.
*To become a member of the AFAOA, please click on the membership page.
For specific project details, click on  Y-DNA Project or  at-DNA Project.