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Austin Families Association of America

Who We Are

The Austin Families Association, forerunner of the Austin Families Association of America (AFAOA), was founded by siblings Edith Austin Moore and Henry Warner Austin in 1942. AFAOA is a private, non-commercial genealogy group whose mission is to research and preserve genealogical data relating to all Austin family lines who came to America, and to make that information freely available to interested researchers.
According to our bylaws, our Objectives are:
  1. To gather, preserve and disseminate Austin genealogies and Austin family histories.
  2. To establish a specialized database of Austin information that can assist genealogists and family members of the Austin families.
  3. To help foster wider acquaintances and long-term friendships among the members of all branches of the Austin families.

Operating Year: January - December 2021


We don't have monthly meetings. Instead, we gather for an annual conference at different cities--chosen by our members--around the country. 
For more information, please visit our Conference page.