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At the 2018 Convention, the membership re-elected Liz Austin Carlin as the AFAOA Genealogist, and re-appointed Carol R. Austin as her assistant. Liz has worked more in the southern Austin genealogies, and Carol is most familiar with Austins in the north.
Research requests are free for AFAOA members and $15 for non-members. When you send a search request, please include family group sheets (or equivalent information) on each Austin generation as far back as possible, always citing your sources with photocopies of documentation where possible. The more information you provide us, the better the search we can do for you.
  • 1500 Plus Correspondence Files
  • Miscellaneous Records collected by Edith Austin Moore and Janet Austin Curtis
  • States Notebooks assembled by Janet Austin Curtis
  • Various U.S. Censuses, abstracted for Austin surnames
  • The Austin Computer Project
  • The Austin DNA Project
  • Books & Manuscript Collection – over 70 related documents
Liz Austin Carlin, Southern States
Liz Austin Carlin
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Carol R. Austin, Northern States 
Carol R. Austin
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