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Y-DNA Project

The Austin-Austen DNA Program was started by Dr. Michael Edward Austin (now deceased) in 2003 and was jointly sponsored by the Austin Families Genealogical Society, and the Austin Families Association of America, AFAOA. As of 2011 the project is now totally sponsored by the AFAOA.
The goal of the Y-DNA Project is the creation of Y-DNA (Y-Chromosome DNA) profiles for Austin-Austen Family lines and coordination of Y-Chromosome DNA test results to create a Profiles Table. We are looking for male Austins, with documented family lines, to join the project. Researchers may then compare their own Y-DNA numbers to those in the table to determine a possible connection to one of those families. As of April 2018, there are about 255 Austins in the Y-DNA project. You can participate in this project even if you were not tested by FTDNA, but by another testing service. We encourage 37 marker, or 67 marker testing, this is a good starting place, and recommend that upgrades be made to existing tests.
You may also view the latest test results, see the answers to frequently asked questions, see how to qualify for free DNA testing, see the number of tests by database, and learn about the DNA Project Fund.
FTDNA runs sales on test kits and upgrades several times a year. For more information on the project, or to be notified when these FTDNA sales are announced, please contact DNA Group Administrator Art Sikes at